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ALM Interior is an independent design studio that is passionate about creating beautiful, detail orientated, contemporary interiors that are truly bespoke to each client we work with.

We are based in Liverpool and specialise in full-service projects across the North West, from the beginning conceptual design and spatial planning, all the way through to installation and styling.

Led by our founder, Abbi, we take a highly personalised approach to all our projects as we believe luxury interiors are not just about high-end materials and the latest appliances. True luxury comes from a well-thought-out design that enhances your everyday living, and meets all of your individual requirements.

Contemporary - Luxury - Bespoke

We place a lot of focus on the interior architecture of a space and paying attention to every detail of our projects from the ceiling to the architraves, the door details and creative ways of partitioning spaces. These along with bespoke joinery and storage solutions are carefully planned out in the beginning of the concepts and built upon with your construction team.

We then create schemes of furniture and soft furnishings to compliment the interior architecture, with our client's lifestyle and personal style at the forefront of all design and furniture selctions. We make sure that all items presented are thought out in the overall look and feel of the design, and the functionality of each piece.

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